Making Friends is our Business!

Tornado Potato may have started out as a hobby for a retired man who had nothing but time on his hands, however, it turned into something much greater! It was never about the amount of orders coming in or potatoes going out the pick-up window. If the potato did not reach the standards of owner, Christopher Kim, then the potato would not go out at all. What mattered most was the utmost quality and pride presented by each golden Tornado Potato handed out.

We refuse to use anything but the best and cleanest premier grade potatoes. Each potato is hand-picked, hand-cut and crafted onto a bamboo skewer and fried in the purest Clear Canola Oil to “golden perfection.”

Tornado Potato has served as a lucrative food truck business since September 2010 and has prospered ever since. We are a family-owned, family-oriented business. 

As Christopher Kim says, “Making friends is my business!”

The depth of our company does not rely on ourselves alone, but rather very dependent on the thousands of loyal followers, friends and acquaintances that we have. As it has become an item that not many know how to describe, this alone has helped build a reputation for Tornado Potato. Tornado Potato is perfect for any event, any season, any time!